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The aim of this page is to give you a brief overview of both Strategic Human Capital news as well as new developments on the website.

Hope for our Nation in an upcoming generation!  

team eri_lll1_2

If you want to be positive about the future of the South African nation, spend some time working with its up and coming generations!

In collaboration with the Jubilee Education Restitution Initiative (ERI) and Meg Bruyns from Fully Alive we recently offered a two-day Personal Leadership Development workshop for a group of 20-to 30-something young South Africans. What an inspiration they are!

In preparation of the workshop each participant completed an assessment from Career Direct with feedback skilfully facilitated by Meg. This assessment provided the participants with insight into their: Personality; General interests; Skills and abilities; and Personal Values.

The jam-packed workshop based on the Mastery framework developed by Kevin Cashman included:

    • Self-awareness - so that we can effectively lead ourselves, and thus others. 
    • Tools and self-knowledge for managing change
    • Communication and listening skills for better relationships
    • A better understanding of EQ and social intelligence; 
    • Tools for exploring, concretising and moving closer to our personal purpose
    • Guidance on living a balanced life
    • Managing stress and contentedness; 
    • Tools for moving into action and stopping procrastinating.

As always with this workshop, a highlight was hearing participants plans and dreams through them sharing their 80th Birthday speeches, Eulogy’s or Mission Statements, whichever they chose. What an inspiration to hear these young leaders courageously share the way they hope to impact the lives of those around them, this nation, and the world!

fully alive_collaboration

Here is some of the participants’ feedback:

“I would highly recommend this workshop. It provides an amazing opportunity to take some time out for self-reflection and re-assessment of what path one is currently moving on and whether that’s where God needs them to be.

There is a constant sense of genuine care and support throughout this whole process, so one never feels alone. I also felt encouraged and never forced to share my mind, which is what I had feared the most. Also, all the material both in the workbook provided and during the workshop is well-explained making it very applicable to everyday life. There is something for everyone. It is such a valuable growing experience.”

eri attendees

“The Mission Statement and Storytelling exercises both required deep reflection and challenged me to be bold enough to dream God’s dreams for myself and then have the courage to share that with others. It also allowed an opportunity to hear about the dreams and aspirations of others. This gave such an incredible insight into who a person is and what their journey has been like. It is also a celebration of how different God has created each of us to be and how much beauty there is in that difference.”

“Thank you so much for the wonderful workshop that you guys took us through. It was such an incredible time of learning and unlearning. I am really thankful for how much difference it has made in my own life, things have become so much clearer, I know exactly now things that i needed to improve…"

"I would definitely recommend it, simply because I feel like there are so many practical small steps that were taught at the workshop that could be helpful to anyone who needs guidance and is in their journey of trying to understand who God made them to be.

Building Team Effectiveness 

lovely team

We continue to value our exposure to the Public Health sector and the privilege of working with women and men dedicated to making a difference to the health and lives of the poorest in the country.

When working with teams SHCCs aim is to:

* Produce work that can compare with the best globally

* Have a lot of fun while ensuring deep personal growth and learning

* Create a safe environment where teams can build trust and have conversations about the real issues that need to be addressed to perform optimally.

This is some of the feedback that we got from this lovely team:

“I really appreciate the execution and level of preparation that was put into this training. The workshop is inclusive to all team members, allows for interaction, sharing and activates thinking. It enlightened me on understanding the impact of inclusive planning for a team or organisation.”

my-storyI enjoyed the coaching exercise and practically using the tool in resolving real work challenges. Thank you so much for bringing the best out of us. Surely this will improve the staff performance and relationships with the clients”

“The workshop was well prepared and excellently delivered. Very empowering and informative.”

EQi2.0 Emotional Intelligence workshops: Soft skills are the hard skills 

working together

This is some of the participant feedback SHCC received from recent EQi2.0 Emotional Intelligence workshops we conducted:

“This was eye opening. In our day-to-day activities it will help us understand ourselves better and to create better working relationships in the facilities we visit. The training is superb. I think it should be extended to the people whom we support as well.”

“It has opened my eyes to know my emotions, this will help me build solid relationships with my facilities and with understanding others’ emotions and acting accordingly”

“The engagement was very positive. The training was practical and easy too understand. EQ will assist me to work more productively with colleagues and team members”

team debating“This will help me with my approach to the many challenges that I face on a daily basis and has improved my people skills.”

“The training was perfect. The whole team was involved and there was never a wrong answer – so it was perfect.”

“I enjoyed the whole training, it gives me strength to do my job professionally and understand people out there in the facilities.” 

“I enjoyed the time to reflect on the significance of relationships in work and how this is the wellspring of all activities”  

Working with more amazing South Africans 

sead kfw_team

Last week we had the privilege of spending time with a team of healthcare professionals in East London who serve marginalised communities by looking at quality assurance at healthcare facilities in the rural Eastern Cape. These women often work under difficult conditions to help clinics provide a better service to TB and HIV patients in their communities.

At SHCC we believe that trust is the thread with which you weave together human relationships - and teams. An important way to build that trust is through really getting to know each other. So as part of doing Team Effectiveness work, one of the privileges we have is hearing people tell their stories. Stories of success and failure, heartache and joy. Stories of achievement despite often the most difficult of obstacles... stories told not as those seeking sympathy but as tenacious self-driven achievers.

To all our clients whose stories we have been privileged to hear: thank you – for your courage, for what we have learnt from you, and for how you have enabled others to see your heart.  

Capacitating others who do great work 


One of the aspects of our work that we truly appreciate is the opportunity to invest in others who serve marginalised communities.

We recently had the opportunity to work with this team of Laboratory Technologists, who work in rural areas in the Eastern Cape and KZN, consulting to health clinics to help them be better in the service they provide to TB and HIV patients in their communities.

Our two days together with the team of SEAD stars were spent amongst others building their coaching skills; helping them understand the motivations of different personality types; as well as their own strenghts and overdone strengths and how these might impact the effectiveness of their workplace relationships.  

Justice Conference South Africa 

justice conference_2

In March 2017 Danie and Elaine attended the Justice Conference in Cape Town - a platform for the Faith and Social Justice Community, hosted in countries across the globe.

The Justice conference aimed to spark a conversation about the ways our faith influences our being just and our doing of justice and to feed into a robust theological and social justice dialogue in South Africa.   

We left feeling challenged and motivated to make a difference in our beloved country.    

Now accredited in EQi2.0 and EQi360 Emotional Intelligence assessments

eqi model

Strategic Human Capital Consulting has recently added an accreditation for the Emotional Intellgence Assessment EQi2.0 and EQi 360. 

The EQi 2.0 is broken down into five composite scales [Self-Perception, Self-Expression, Interpersonal, Decision Making and Stress Management] which in turn are broken down into 3 subscales each.

The data provided in the workplace report focuses on the impact of emotional intelligence at work and offers suggestions for working more effectively with colleagues, supervisors and clients.

SHCC has been offering EQ assessment for a long time but we decided to add the EQi2.0 and EQi 360 as this tool is globally rated as one of the most scientifically validated Emotional Intelligence instruments - in addition it is normed in South Africa. 


Modularised leadership development programme 

modularised lead

We were recently asked to develop a modularised leadership development programme for SEAD Consulting. It was decided that this approach would best fit SEAD's organisational reality and ensure quality learning.   

Here we are busy with module one, which focused on personal leadership development - with participants sharing their personal and leadership journeys. Module two and three focus on relational leadership and strategic leadership respectively.    

Certified as a Time to Think facilitator

img-20170227-wa0000After some months of learning and engaging under the wise guidance of Maryse Barak (right), Danie qualified as Time to Think Facilitator. 

What a fantastic privilege to receive the certificate from Nancy Kline (left), the brain heart and drive behind Time to Think and the Thinking Environment principles..   


Facilitating a leadership retreat for the Fhi360 leadership team

fhi360We were recently asked to design and facilitate a leadership development retreat for the fantastic leadership team at Fhi360 South Africa. If you want to learn more about the life changing  work they are doing have a look at their website here.   

As with all our programmes, the three days we spent together were custom designed with input from the team.

In a vibrantly interactive manner with lots of action learning, we covered topics like: self-awareness; team effectiveness; managing and leading others effectively through clear contracting, delegation and holding people accountable. We also looked at personality types, how to deal with conflict, and strengths profiles using the SDI (Strength Deployment Inventory) set of relationship awareness tool.   

How to deal with conflict effectively article in FinWeek

finweekWe recently had our article on building conflict cometence in the workplace titled "How to deal effectively with conflict", published in the FinWeek English and Afrikaans editions.

This article was initially written for the University of Stellenbosch Executive Education (USB ED) internal publicaiton as "Conflict Incompetent since Adam and Eve".  

Read the whole article in English here and in Afrikaans here. 


Letting Sophiatown in at the SEAD annual conference

sead party 2015We recently had the opportunity again to facilitate a team building session for the wonderful people from SEAD Consulting at their annual conference.

Led by Dr Tim Tucker and Dr Peter Manyike, SEAD (Strategic Evaluation, Advisory & Development Consulting) is a boutique health-focused management consultancy, specialising in the areas of: health strategy, health programmes, strategic information & M&E.In the area of health programmes SEAD does fantastic work on three CDC/PEPFAR-funded projects to improve HIV and TB clinical care and to support health care worker capacity. They do this through, among others, building capacity in the functions of pharmacy, laboratory and M&E on a district level.

After a long year there was also time to relax! The theme of the Thursday night dinner was Sophiatown. With the ladies impeccably dressed and the men looking very cool one felt transported back in time. Much fun was had by all. 

Read more about SEAD.

Until no child has AIDS 

egpaf 2015We continue to be proudly associated with the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF) and the wonderful work they are doing – their mission is powerful and clear: Until no child has AIDS (see!

Strategic Human Capital Consulting has designed and implemented EGPAF’s year-long Global Leadership Development Program, which is now in its second intake. We have just returned from Nairobi where we kicked off the 2015 program with a wonderful 6 day workshop that saw leaders from more than 13 countries involved in a vibrant learning experience.

Those that attended will continue their leadership journey as they engage in various Action Learning Projects and receive individual coaching from us.

Read more about the the this program.


Global leadership development program for NGO represented in 12 African countries

egpaf2014Over the last number of months Strategic Human Capital Consulting has been hard at work with the development and implementation of a Global Leadership Development Programme for The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF).

We are extremely proud to be associated with EGPAF, the global leader in the fight to end AIDS in children. EGPAF has programmes in 12 countries in Africa and has provided 20 million women with services to prevent transmission of HIV to their babies ( As part of the year long programme we recently welcomed EGPAF leaders from 13 countries for a 4,5 day workshop in Johannesburg, an experience that some participants described as “life changing”.

The following extract comes from the report which was written by Andrew Moir, EGPAF International HR Director and published on their intranet: “With the inspirational leadership and facilitation of our program partners ... from Strategic Human Capital Consulting, participants stretched and challenged themselves through 4 ½ days of intensive interaction, working individually and in groups, to begin their own unique leadership journey."

Read more.

Leading SA law firm attends Learning Leaders Level 1 leadership development workshop


Built up over 5-decades, Gildenhuys Malatji Incorporated (GMI) is a truly South African law firm that represents the demographic diversity of the South African miracle. Lead by one of the country’s foremost legal brains, Tebogo Malatji, GMI understands that the personal development and well–being of their lawyers are critical contributors to their continued high performance and industry leadership. (

We spent three days in July with some of GMI’s up and coming stars in an SHCC Learning Leaders Level 1 workshop. Together we explored personal growth and development towards mastery across seven critical areas of life, namely: self awareness & authenticity, purpose, change, relationship, balance, being and taking action.

Feedback was consistent: that what the participants had learned will help them be better legal practitioners and included: “Thank you for inspiring me to change my life!! I’m looking forward to the rest of my life, knowing myself better”.

Read more about LLL1 here.

Series of SDI team development workshops

seadWe recently ran a series of SDI Team Development workshops for a long standing client SEAD Consulting. SEAD is a health-focused management consultancy, specialising in the areas of: health strategy; health programmes; strategic information & M&E ( With many employees spending time on the road supporting health clinics across South Africa with technical assistance (TA), holding on to a sense of team and cohesiveness is not always easy but it something SEAD wants to do well.

The SDI relationship awareness personality assessment was used as the basis for a 1-1,5 day team development workshop that not only empowered teams to work better together but also facilitated a deeper understanding of how they can deliver TA more effectively to all the different personality types they encounter day to day.

Feedback comments included: “The workshop was great... it clearly outlines my personality and it will impact the way I look at things in private and at work. It will improve my approach to conflict at all times”.

Read more about SDI here.

Facilitating a discussion on inter-generational challenges in the workplace

Inter-generational challenges_in_the_workplaceIn collaboration with Studio 41 ( Danie Eksteen, Lead Consultant at Strategic Human Capital Consulting facilitated a discussion on the challenges of inter-generational diversity in the workplace.

Today’s businesses are made up of four distinct generations each with its own shared history, common biases and core beliefs. Understanding better who makes up these generations, what makes them tick, and how they operate optimally will help you optimise your business and other relationships.

With the help of a Cam Marston video a vibrant discussion was had about how to optimally cater for the four generations in the workplace. The session covered how to:

          • Communicate more effectively.
          • Motivate, coach, hire and retain employees of different generations.
          • Create and sustain better teams.
          • Help reduce stress in the workplace and create more enjoyable cross-generational relationships.

Attending the Barret Values Centre annual global conference

Day 1Our accreditation with the Barrett Values Centre and association with their global network of consultants continues to be one of our most valued relationships and contribute to the way we see and position the work we do.

We recently attended the Barrett Values Centre annual global conference, which this year was held in our beautiful city of Cape Town. The conference provided a fantastic opportunity to meet up and share ideas with colleagues in the global network and listen to, amongst others, Ahmed El Nashar and Marwa Farouq Al-Hefnawi, two Egyptian CTT consultants, who gave a first-hand account of the recent Egyptian revolution and the values that drove that process.

Impressive young business owner Emanuel Arruda explained how, in just 6 years, he and his partner have built League Financial Partners ( into a US$1,2 billion business, based on values and creating multi-generational sustainable value for all its stakeholders.

Raj SisodiaWithout a doubt the presentation that we found the most insightful and impactful was that of Raj Sisodia, co-author of the book Firms of Endearment ( and a key global driver of the Conscious Capitalism movement ( Raj described how conscious capitalism is an emerging paradigm that involves delivering multiple kinds of value and wellbeing for all its stakeholders. Expect to hear more from us about Raj’s work, but for the moment suffice to say that we found both huge affirmation for the work Strategic Human Capital Consulting does, the way we do it, and in a sense a philosophical home for our belief that changing the way people are treated in business is a critical pillar for changing capitalism and changing the world.

Discussion about our newsletter on the role of spirituality in the workplace 

There is a great discussion around this Newsletter that you can follow, and take part in, at the LinkedIn Organisational Development Network Group at

Another Leadership Level 1 for BandWidthBarn's VeloCITI Y prgramme

BWB Group_3Some of the most fulfilling work we do is walking the journey of personal growth and development with individual leaders. This is enabled through our Learning Leaders Level 1 leadership development programme which challenges individuals to be authentic and on purpose from ‘the inside out’.

One of the very special groups that we are privileged to work with is the young and talented diverse group of bright minds that the BandWidth Barn’s Velociti Y programme attracts. Asking how the workshop might have impacted on their journey as entrepreneur one attendee commented:

I have effective tools plus a methodology I can apply. I also feel inspired to excel and trespass on my own boundaries". Another commented that: “It was extremely eye opening and made me rethink the person I have become and compare it to the person I forgot I wanted to be.” Powerful stuff!

Latest newsletter 

Accredited Providers of the Strenght Deployment Inventory Assessment tools

Helping incubate the next generation of IT Entrepreneurs

BWB informalSome exciting news is the establishing of an 18-month collaboration between Strategic Human Capital Consulting and BandWidth Barn, the Cape Town-based information and communications technology business incubator.

BandWidth Barn’s Velociti Y programme is a 3-month part time development course for aspiring internet enabled entrepreneurs and is sponsored by the Provincial Government Western Cape. As part of this we spent three days in September taking an exciting group of some of SA’s brightest young entrepreneurs through our Learning Leaders Level 1 workshop, confronting them at an early stage of their journeys with questions like: who am I, where am I going, why am I going there?

Here are some of the comments from those who took part:

"I am going back to work again after these three days feeling better prepared to change the future.”

What I enjoyed most about the workshop? The preparation that has clearly gone into it; the way everyone was encouraged to participate in the discussions; the great life lessons held within each session; and how diverse and unique everyone was shown to be.

The workshop has given me a clear and usable set of tools that I can put into practice, to be ... more effective in my life and in what I do, and that I can use every day to day.

I really enjoyed the way discussion was encouraged, and the sense of safety. It also felt like the facilitator was really listening and helping us from a guidance angle rather than dictating [what should be done]. They should teach this at school! Thank you!

IMG 0234Good job! Thank you very much Danie, it was fabulous, man – never had a session like this in my life before. I feel like this is all I’ve ever needed!

What did I enjoy most about this workshop? It’s so difficult to answer this; the amount of joy from this workshop – no amount of words can describe it – it ‘rocks’. Thank you for your patience and understanding all of us as a team.

"Thank you for the professionalism, energy and devotion you have put into this, it is really appreciated.

** If you are an entrepreneur and would like to find out more about the Velociti Y programme check out BandWidth Barn’s website – – the next intake is in early 2012!

Latest case study 

Learning from experts in the Netherlands

synnova1A “sharpening the saw” investment took Danie to the Netherlands for six days late in 2010, where he attended a small group workshop with one of the foremost European experts, trainers and coaches in the strategic human capital field.

The group included the chairperson of the French Chapter of the International Coaching Federation, a senior Dutch OD practitioner and a Dutch Industrial Psychologist. 

Danie was asked to be the ‘guinea pig’ and receive coaching feedback on the results of his personal Leadership Values Assessment in front of the others attending the workshop. “What would be the worst thing that can come out of this Assessment?” the Coach asked when he started the session? “If there was a lack of congruency between what I believe in and who others see me to be. If I am to be successful in what I do, and what I challenge others to do/be, I have to live a life of integrity between my values and what others experience these as.”LVA_plots

Danie felt enormously encouraged to find a huge amount of congruency between his and others' responses and that the feedback showed that he has made good progress in his personal development as leader in his field.

Attached is the values plot comparison between Danie's responses and what the 15 assessors said. The overall learning process was invaluable.

If you want to know more about the Leadership Values Assessment process please contact us on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Team development

F1030016In September we spent two full days with the current Rand Merchant Bank Class Of programme. On day one we facilitated a discussion around their strategy for the year to come and for day two custom designed a team development day to challenge them (as per the client's brief).

Despite a few late nights in succession the strategy session proved valuable and enabled new paradigms. Then came the competition and a cold rainy day did not detract from the spirit of this group. Excitement was high as participants searched for clues in a COLD Kirstenbosch gardens. The brain teasing, individual challenging and team building day continued via Houtbay (where we stopped for lunch), and on to an adventure centre outside of Scarborough - paper survival challenges en route kept up the pace - and a grand finale of abseiling in the most atrocious possible wintry Cape Town conditions in Silvermine. Amongst a team that believed they didn’t have 'finishers' a group of five chose to brave it and persevere to the end - the personal reward was huge: this is one they will tell their grandchildren about.

F1030023_2The gorgeous Monkey Valley Hotel was home for the last night and an appropriate venue to end two amazing days. It was already clear that this was a different team from the one we had met just a
day ago.

This was the feedback from one of our participants a couple of days later: "Thank you for organizing an enjoyable weekend, it was fun and we learnt a great deal about ourselves too. We had our first meeting yesterday, and I am pleased to state that we managed to get through everything we needed in the time allotted (an hour), had an agenda and managed to finish 15 minutes early without leaving anything unsaid or unnecessary discussions. I think we are starting to respect each other’s opinions and are less concerned with whose idea it is. I am looking forward to our projects once more."

"You always say you don’t do team building...” I was asked afterward by a friend. "We don’t if the aim is entertainment", I said, "but we do if what we do ultimately contributes to and enables the achieving of organisational strategy and the real investment in human capital."

Accredited Providers of the Barrett Values Centre Assessment tools

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