Client Comments


"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! The week was incredible and life changing for so many of the participants and it is because of the strong facilitation skills that you and Mel bring. In addition, your sincerity and genuine caring comes through in a way that makes everyone comfortable. I really see this as such a strong partnership, you are part of the team and I am forever grateful for everything you have done in the past and will do in the future. – HR Director, Global NGO."

"I had the pleasure of working with Danie in a strategy facilitation session. He impressed me with his quick grasp of pertinent strategic issues relevant to my business and his ability to communicate these as well as his ability to come up with solutions and practical ideas. I will definitely use him again." – CEO, Investment Company

I have to say that I was very impressed by the strategic analysis report you prepared for us. I have spent a great deal of time studying it and will most definitely often refer back to it in the future. It has been very valuable and in many ways an eye opener to the reality amongst our employees." – Financial Director, Professional Services Company.

"With the inspirational leadership and facilitation of our program partners ... from Strategic Human Capital Consulting, participants stretched and challenged themselves through 4 ½ days of intensive interaction, working individually and in groups, to begin their own unique leadership journey." – International HR Director, Global NGO."

"I have attended many workshops but this was the most tiring and inspirational of them all. In years to come, I will look back and thank God for learning all I have, and the changes arising from this encounter." – Health Information Systems Director, Zambia

You are a truly great Facilitator with a good sense of humour. You kept us all fully awake and engaged throughout the whole week. I would not hesitate to recommend you to other people and organisations. quote – Public Health Leader, Tanzania 

"Thank you. You are so clearly living your purpose, and are a good course leader because of your own present-ness and real enjoyment of our growth. In truth you are an inspiration. – Entrepreneur, Education & Training"

"Thank you for a great Leadership Retreat. I learnt a lot and am grateful to you for such an amazing leadership training. It gave me an opportunity to get on the 'roof top and reflect on how I have performed on the dance floor'. " – CEO, Sub Saharan African Development Agency

I loved the participatory group work oriented sessions. Most of the workshops I have attended are mostly classroom based so this is a refreshing departure from that norm. The group work was very well structured and thought out with clear learning objectives. Overall a very coherent and potentially life changing journey. quote – Operations Director, NGO, Kenya

"The facilitator was excellent. I think he has a way of explaining something on such a level that anyone can understand. He has compassion and empathy and knows what to say when and when to stop a discussion. He listens and understands what you are saying." - Attorney

"I just want to thank you for the coaching time we could spend together. I found our sessions and your provocations extremely valuable." – Chief Operations Officer, Global IT Company

I really enjoyed the logical and rational representing of concepts which have until now always appeared to be far apart and unattainable. If this experience doesn’t change my life, nothing will. quote – Anonymous

"Working with Danie (as coach) has been an incredible experience... Not only was I able to do long term planning, but I also have had access to a sounding board who helped me evaluate my working life and my working relationships so that I was able to view each situation as a learning experience. I can highly recommend working with Danie. He is an excellent listener, a very sharp evaluator, full of integrity and will hold you absolutely accountable" – Director, Global IT Company

"This was a wonderful workshop. I really what to thank the three facilitators. I really think this will make a difference in my life." – Senior Project Manager, Health Sector

The facilitators' facilitation skills were fantastic! I felt engaged with each one of you as you spoke to us. quote – SIE Director, NGO Lesotho

"Danie was asked to develop a three day strategy and team building session. His facilitation experience and creative genius allowed him to craft a structured but flexible environment within which to stretch and challenge the individuals. His service was incredibly well received." – Leadership Programme Intern, Financial Services Company

“Thank you - I often do a SWOT analysis on myself but the workshop was a mother of all SWOT analyses. I have definitely learned tools that I will apply. What a great and inspiring 3 days it has been!!!” - Entrepreneur

I have received many positive reports about your interaction [re strategic analysis] with our people – thank you for a sterling report. The overall reaction of the Board was that it was a job well done. quote – CEO, Professional Services Company

"I appreciated the diversity of approaches and personalities of the facilitators but also that they were often able to push for inclusiveness/ explanations, even if it was uncomfortable." - Senior Manager, Global NGO

"I think the way the facilitator handled this topic was amazing! He really made people feel free to talk and give their own opinions. He gave excellent advice. It was genuinely worth attending!!" – Anonymous

The [Leadership] Workshop was extremely eye opening and made me rethink the person I have become and compare it to the person I forgot I wanted to be. ... I am so inspired and can’t wait to put these lessons to the test. quote – Entrepreneur & Business Owner

"Thanks a lot for the coaching session. It has really gone a long way in helping define my career path and helping me stay focused." – Anonymous

"This has made me take my first positive step towards the rest of my chosen path! Thank you for helping me unpack my full potential." – Attorney

Danie put together a very special program for us, consisting of a group workshop followed up by individual coaching. He puts enormous care into his work, from the program design to the delivery and materials. The sessions were very well received.quote – HR Director, Global IT Sector

"I really enjoyed the energy and personal touch in how matters were dealt with - with respect and humility." – Consultant, IT Sector

"The coaching report you sent to me has been of a great help to me. I'll stay in touch and give you feedback on progress made." HR Manager, Beverages Company

The ‘calm effective’ manner of presentation was perfect for the content. No ‘RA-RA’ but deep significant learning. quote – Manager, Global Health Care Sector

"I enjoyed the way discussion was encouraged and the sense of safety that was brought to the table. The facilitator was really listening and helping us through guidance rather than dictation." – Developer & Entrepreneur, Mobile Technology Sector

"The Learning leaders Level 1 workshop was very practical and gave lots of ideas on how to implement things. It was an amazing experience and I would recommend it to all in key positions." – Director, Legal Sector

Excellent presentation overall! I now have the tools to make things work – it is all up to me. quote – Anonymous

"Thank you for the time, energy and passion put into every presentation and session. I never once sensed that you took your foot off the pedal. It was fantastic to see." – Engineering Entrepreneur

"This is up there with one of the most important experiences in my life." – Businessman

Brilliantly delivered/ transmitted. Perfect balance in pushing and being gentle/ respectful. Spot-on eloquence, coherence and wisdom. Great energy, very useful inspiring content - you are certainly on your "sweet-spot". quote – Anonymous

"I just want to thank you for a most  inspiring and useful workshop. I have started making use of some of the tools you gave us and it is really helping". – Medical Doctor

"The quality of the workbook is outstanding, in both the look and the content." – Entrepreneur, Transport Industry