Strategic Human Capital Consulting

Who We Are

Strategic Human Capital Consulting was started by Danie Eksteen in 2007. After identifying his purpose and passion in the space where organisational strategy overlaps with human capital and culture strategies, his industry experience made him realise that independent organisational development advisors are often able to make far reaching sustainable impacts in organisations. This is so mainly because their contributions are independent and uninfluenced by internal politics and history. One of our clients recently called it "the power in being a blissfully ignorant third (!)" 

As consultants and trusted independent advisors, we are successful if our clients are energised and successful organisations with empowered individuals, skilled leaders and interdependent teams.  

We have been very satisfied with the spectrum of his (SHCC's) strategic level input and contribution to building Gildenhuys Malatji into one of the top performing law firms with a standard-setting high-performance culture in the legal and services sector. quote

We are able to put the right team of specialists together to provide any client with whatever strategic human capital solution is required. We believe that organisation and people development and optimisation are rarely achieved with ‘quick fix’ or ‘current best seller’ solutions, thus we prefer to establish longer term relationships as trusted partners, and custom design what is best for each client. 

We don’t position ourselves as source-of-energy gurus, instead our aim is to truly equip people and organisations to unlock and optimise their own energy.