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Each and every individual’s journey is different.

Sometimes we are content to stay in one place for a long time. Then there are other times when we feel the discontent, the call for embarking on a journey, for exploring and finding and doing epic things. The uncertainty and challenge of unknown places can be terrifying – so we look for a travel companion. Not one that knows the path and has the map, but one who has journeyed and has the scars to show for it; one who has felt the fear and still acted. Not one that will show us the path but one that will walk behind us, yet be close. Not one that will quench the purifying fire, but one not afraid to sit in it with us.

This is the role of the Coach whether the journey is a personal or a professional one.

Research shows that workshop-style teaching results in a 28%
retention of learning but when combined with coaching this improves
to up to 88%. quote

We believe that a successful coaching relationship depends primarily on correctly matching the skills, experience and personality of a coach with the requirements of the client. To achieve this we have access to a group of coaches, each with a different background, training and approach.

Once a coaching relationship has been established we work in partnership with our clients to customise our coaching to achieve the coachee’s desired outcomes.

We offer coaching either on a stand-alone basis or as an integral part of individual or group leadership development programmes.

Executive Coaching

Coaching as part of a journey addresses different needs for different people. In our experience these include:

    • The need for a soundboard when facing difficult decisions and challenges.
    • Support with leadership and management issues (and development).
    • Career change decisions including ‘what?’ and ‘how?’.
    • Changing behaviours that are impacting career effectiveness.

Often as we take on more senior roles we find fewer people with whom we can really be honest about our challenges in the workplace. Our coaching of executives involves being that valuable sounding board and support as you seek to deal with challenging situations optimally or continue on your growth journey in your career. 

Entrepreneur Coaching

The journey of the entrepreneur is often exhilarating and demoralising all at the same time. Being objective about your ideas and dreams, and crafting them together with the right strategies and business sense, while also dealing with the steep personal and professional growth, is massively challenging. Having a coach that has walked this journey is a most valuable investment. We also draw in others who can give expert input on other aspects of building your business, for example, sales, making sure you reach the entrepreneurial success you hunger for. 

Team Coaching

Optimising team dynamics and performance is often at the foundation of business success and, again, the role of the objective coach can be invaluable. We use individual and team assessments to increase awareness and empower the team to objectively consider their team strengths and gaps, and to work together towards a shared group vision and goals. 

Alpha Coaching

The alpha personality is often associated with brilliance but left unchecked can also be destructive. One of the keys to success for alpha males and alpha females is learning to leverage their strengths while minimizing the risks of their leadership style. Our Alpha coaching involves supporting leaders in understanding their strengths as well as their risks, and the impact of both in an organizational context.
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Coaching special offer: to PDI candidates

Strategic Human Capital Consulting offers coaching at a hugely discounted rate to a limited number of Previously Disadvantaged Candidates. Application forms are available from our offices. Candidates at middle to senior management levels will be considered.