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The Strategic Human Capital Consulting team has designed and implemented national and global leadership development programmes for the likes of The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation (EGPAF), Cadbury SA, Gildenhuys Malatji Inc and Mercedes Benz SA.

"With the inspirational leadership and facilitation of our program partners ... participants stretched and challenged themselves through four and a half days of intensive interaction, working individually and in groups, to begin their own unique leadership journey." – International HR Director, Global NGO." quote

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These programmes are typically a year long, and are custom designed in partnership with the client based on the required leadership competences determined by the organisational reality. We follow a blended learning approach that is multi dimensional and integrated with day-to-day organisational and leadership challenges.

Learning Leaders_Modules

The programmes are highly experiential and practical and combine interactive workshops, action learning projects that work on real organisational challenges, and personal coaching.

For clients who require a more flexible/modular approach, we provide world-class leadership-development modules that can be customised to an organisation’s needs. These follow a building block approach to leadership development – empowering leaders with best practice principles and tools to deal with any situation they might be confronted with back at the workplace.  

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Learning Leaders Level 5: Leadership effectiveness – an objective review

nelson mandelaSo how effective are you as a leader compared to the “Level 5 leader” coined by Jim Collins in his research publication Good to Great? What does “extreme personal humility” mean? [Humility and “intense professional will” were the two characteristics Collins identified in this group of outstanding leaders.]

This workshop module is aimed at the senior leader – enabling you to critically and objectively evaluate your leadership success and effectiveness through a process of in-depth analysis, comprehensive, objective feedback and coaching. The analysis includes: 

    • Unpacking your natural alpha characteristics through the globally acclaimed Alpha Personality Assessment (Worth Ethic, USA) and comparing your strengths and statistically likely weaknesses to those of the other three categories of Alphas.
    • Gaining objective feedback from at least 20 commentators (colleagues, those you lead, and those you report / are accountable to) via a values-based 360-Degree Leadership Assessment (Barrett Values Centre), where the assessors get to evaluate and give feedback to the leader across a set of 26 significant leadership areas. Emphasis is placed on a leader’s strengths, areas for improvement, and opportunities for growth.
    • A Values Assessment that compares your personal values to both those others actually perceive and those they suggest should be more prevalent in the leader’s life.

The workshop learning also includes:

    • Unpacking the Role of Ego: how to measure it, keep it under control, avoid it costing you and learn to use it to your benefit.
    • Exploring conflict: how you typically deal with it and what your conflict sequence is (Strength Deployment Inventory).
    • How to have Courageous Conversations that avoid ego traps.

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Learning Leaders Level 4: Strategic Leadership

steve jobs_2Guiding and developing strategy for an organisation unit or team is a critical skill most leaders will at some point need to develop. This module focuses on developing a broad spectrum of strategic thinking about, and introduces models and frameworks, for:

• Developing an internal and external vision and mission. What is the purpose of the organisation?
• Directing values-based consciousness. Who are we?
• Positioning the organisational life cycle and growth, based on the work of Prof Adizes. Where are we?
• Creating clarity on winning aspirations and how these will be achieved. Where do we want go to?
• Identify the capabilities, systems and structures that must be in place. What do we need to get there?
• Conducting industry, customer and competitor analyses. Who is out there?
• Addressing the strategy vs. short-term execution gap. What will we do?
• Developing a learning organisation where everyone contributes strategically. How will we keep learning and adapting?

As part of this module we provide a spectrum of case studies, tools and frameworks to assist strategic leadership.

Contact us to assist you with facilitating the process of developing your organisational strategy.

The [Leadership] Workshop was extremely eye opening and made me rethink the person I have become and compare it to the person I forgot I wanted to be. ... I am so inspired and can’t wait to put these lessons to the test. – Entrepreneur & Business Owner quote

Learning Leaders Level 3: Leading Teams (Leadership from ME to WE)

gary-kirsten-2Organisational success ultimately depends on cohesive, well-organised and efficient teams and groups. This workshop module builds on the principles established in the first two modules but focuses on the Principles, Models and Tools for optimally leading the efforts and performance of a group of people, including how to move people from ME to WE thinking.

As part of this module we include: a 90-page Workshop Reflection Journal; The Team Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) [This powerful tool was developed to help people learn how to have truly effective interpersonal relationships. Done in a team context, the SDI gives team members a colour-coded visual expression of each other’s natural preferences when things are going well and during conflict – and how these are likely to impact the team dynamic]; as well as programme-supporting audiovisual material.

We also introduce the SHCC Team Effectiveness S-curve, a diagnostic tool that empowers the team leader to objectively track all the critical aspects that need to be in place for a team to be optimally effective.

Click here to see the Learning Leaders Level 3 Workshop Journal Index, which will give you a better idea of the material covered in the Workshop.

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Learning Leaders Level 2: Leading Others One-on-One (The leader’s heart and tools for growing great employees)

michelle obama3Excellent professionals (e.g. doctors, engineers, nurses, software developers, accountants, lawyers, designers) are often promoted to the position of manager/ leader without being trained for it. This jump from being an extremely skilled professional responsible for your own performance and success, to empowering others and being dependent on them for your performance and success is one of the most underestimated leadership growth challenges.

This module teaches paradigms, skills and techniques for being a (better) leader / manager of others on a one-on-one basis. We explore the principles – heart, mindset and intent – behind being a successful leader or manager of others one-on-one and then unpack some of the industry best Tools and Models available for assisting in the process of managing/ leading others. Some of these include: Effective contracting; Delegation though incremental suspension of control; Accountability and effective feedback; and an Accountability tree that guides the leader in deciding when to do what.

As part of this module we include: a 100-page Workshop Reflection Journal; The DISC personality assessment; an EQ-i2.0 assessmen; as well as programme-supporting audiovisual material.

Click here to see the Learning Leaders Level 2 Workshop Journal Index, which provides more detail about the material covered in this workshop.

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Learning Leaders Level 1: Leading Self (Personal leadership development)

young leader1All successful leading of others starts with successfully leading self, so in this workshop module we focus on the personal growth of individuals and empowering them to further develop the first and most critical building block towards being a truly successful leader, namely high levels of self-awareness and self-understanding. We provide attendees with, and teach them how to apply, tried and tested tools that will guide and accompany their personal-growth journeys.

As part of the module we include: a 90-page Workshop Reflection Journal; an EQ (Emotional Intelligence) Assessment; a 16PF/Big 5-type Personality Profiling Assessment; as well as programme-supporting audiovisual material.

Click here to see the Learning Leaders Level 1 Workshop Journal Index, which gives more information on the material covered in the workshop.

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"Thank you for a great Leadership Retreat. I learnt a lot and am grateful to you for such an amazing leadership training. It gave me an opportunity to get on the 'roof top and reflect on how I have performed on the dance floor'. " – CEO, Sub Saharan African Development Agency"quote

Leadership Assessment: 360° Reviews

Barrett 360In affiliation with the world-renowned Barrett Values Centre we provide a Leadership Values Assessment (LVA) and Leadership Development Report (LDR). Allowing for anonymous feedback and comments from up to 20 associates, these give the leader objective feedback on 26 critical areas of leadership competence, as well as a comparison between espoused values and the behaviours observed by the commentators. The feedback is presented within a Whole System Seven Levels of Consciousness Model.

To do a preliminary assessment of the leadership level at which you are currently operating, as plotted on the Seven Levels of Leadership model, please complete the following Leadership_Self_Assessment.

Contact us for more detail on how this assessment can help you fine tune your leadership development.

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